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The Institute for Applied Economics at LAEDC

The Institute for Applied Economics at LAEDC performs objective economic research and analysis for a wide range of clients, detailing economic impact of development, business operations, and regulation, as well as providing intelligence about specific industry clusters, labor force, and workforce development issues.  The Institute’s reports provide decision makers with critical information from which to make informed decisions. In addition to providing on-demand research per client requirements, the Institute also conducts foundational research to ensure LAEDC’s many programs for economic development are on target, including the company’s collaboration with workforce investment boards, its award-winning business assistance program, and its work on the L.A. County Strategic Plan for Economic Development and its cluster development initiatives.

The Institute’s mission is to provide objective and unparalleled economic and policy expertise to our clients and the broader public audience. If you have any questions about IAE or would like more information on how we can best assist you, please contact Shannon Sedgwick / Director, LAEDC’s Institute for Applied Economics at shannon.sedgwick@laedc.org or call her at 213.236.4831. 

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