Celebrating 40 years of stewardship of America’s largest county economy. 

Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation



Support the Mission of the LAEDC

Organizations choose to become members of LAEDC because they see the importance of a strong economy that provides opportunity and prosperity for all, and advances equity, sustainability and resilience in the rapidly changing Los Angeles regional economy. 

Membership directly supports this nonprofit mission and places your organization at the head of the table alongside industry leaders, stakeholders, experts and elected officials as we collaborate to solve complex issues and act on opportunities to advance progress.

Membership has real impact on the lives of LA County residents because our programs deliver measurable public-benefit results.  And as members shape the direction of LAEDC’s work, they also forge new, enduring relationships that make their organizations stronger as well.

“The LAEDC is SCE’s primary stakeholder in growing, attracting, and retaining jobs in Los Angeles County. They serve as a unifying collaborative partner in the County of Los Angeles, who strategically provide a comprehensive approach and portfolio of economic development tools and resources to help stabilize and grow the regional economy. They are valued partners with a successful history directly benefitting Los Angeles County and indirectly benefitting the greater Southern California region.” 


Michael Bushey, Acting Director, Technical Services, Southern California Edison

To learn more about LAEDC membership levels and benefits or to sponsor LAEDC’s events and initiatives, please contact Shane.Cullen@laedc.org.

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